Website Audience

Beacon Media’s ten main websites alone average 14,000 viewers per month. They view slightly less than 31,000 pages. They spend an average of 2 minutes on our site: 1:40 minutes with desktops, and 0:47 seconds with mobile devices. 28% are in the 18-24 age demographic. 34% are 25-34. 16% are 34-44. 12% are 45-54. And the last 10% are age 55 and up. 46% of our digital patrons are female, and 54% are male. Their interests range from sports to technology to dining to travel. 90% of our viewers connect with us via desktop. Of the 10% who connect with mobile devices, 70% of them are on Apple products (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and 30% are on Android products. Our digital audience is responsive and quick to interact–they create discussions on popular stories, like us on Facebook, and love to click on our “Guess Where?” photo contest in our E-Blast.