Advertising FAQ’s


-How many times do you publish per week?

We publish on Mondays and Thursdays.

-What are your advertising rates?

Please call us for a personalized quote!

-What is your circulation/readership?

Our Beacon Media monthly readers number 224,000 in print and digital media.

-Can I submit an article?

You may send an article to, but there is no guarantee that we will print it or feature it online.

-Who is your reader?

Our readers are MARRIED (54%), with HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAS (26%), went to FOUR-YEAR COLLEGE (20%) and OWN HOMES (84%) with an average INCOME of $78.5K. They also vary based on platform—our print audience is older and digital audience, younger. But 75% of all readers believe their community newspaper’s coverage of local news is GOOD to EXCELLENT.

-What is your distribution?

We have a distribution rate of 24,600 per week – and 90% of our papers are picked up! We only have a 10% return rate.

-Where is it distributed?

We distribute in high-traffic sites in each city we cover. HERE are a few of our main distribution sites: