About Search Engine Optimization

Put simply, SEO is the umbrella term for the things done to increase the visibility of your site in search engines. Why does SEO matter to your business? If done successfully, SEO puts your website where it’s most important: the top of the Google search. The numbers don’t lie. Being at the top of a Google search (or any search engine for that matter) is not only desirable but crucial to more visibility, trust, and ultimately more traffic directly to you!

To break it down, think of it this way. When someone goes to Google to search for just about any topic, business, or location, the users are clicking the sites as follows:

#1 Position:


#2 Position:


#3 Position:


#4 Position:


#5 Position:


This means that less than 5% of users are scrolling down and on a website that isn’t top 5 or higher. Ranking on the Internet is important!

Attracting customers is the way to grow your business. By utilizing SEO in your marketing plan, you are actively working to show up as the number one website for a user’s search. Your business will not only gain exposure and traffic, but SEO provides the means to actually market to users who were already looking for the products and services that your business provides to begin with!