What goes on in our Production Department?

First, a few cold hard facts about our newspapers:
-Paper’s physical size: 11.5″ x 14″.
-Paper product we use: E-Brite and newsprint, 4-plate color print process.

What Goes In:

Time, energy, and passion. Our paper is designed in-house by our Production staff. Every Wednesday and Friday is a Production day. Deadlines for print submissions are 12:00 p.m. the day before Production Day, so work with us to get your ad approved as soon as possible! Our Advertising Department serves as liaison between our clients and Production, blending your needs with the artistic and editorial integrity that our fast-paced business demands. Our in-house graphic designers build ads, create logos, and design personalized type treatment. Our web designer maintains and creates new website content almost daily. Our in-house photographers capture images unique to our clients both to create original advertisement content and connect with the community.
Work with us to bring your company to our audience: Call (626) 301-1010 to get started.

Media Kit

Media Kit will give you a detailed look at the advertising opportunities and specifics we offer.
Beacon Media is interested in the future in all ways–that’s why we encourage you to download our Media Kit in PDF form to keep sustainability and social responsibility in mind. We are always working to improve our practices, with the health of our planet one of our many goals.

Download (PDF, 610=9KB)