2017 Employee of the Year

Beacon Media News’ Employee of the Year Jose Luis Correa

Sales Representative Jose Luis Correa recognized as 2017 Employee of the Year at Beacon Media News

By Amelia Lucero

Beacon Media News, publisher of Arcadia Weekly, Monrovia Weekly and Pasadena Independent, as well as other multiple publications in the San Gabriel Valley, has selected Jose Luis Correa as the 2017 Employee of the Year recipient. Correa has been a part of the Beacon Media News team for more than two years and has demonstrated himself to be a hard working individual who goes above and beyond to serve the company.

“Jose Luis is one of the most remarkable individuals I have ever worked with. He is a hard worker, very friendly and dedicated team player; not to mention his ability to achieve sales goals weekly. Working with him these past couple of years at Beacon Media News has made me a better leader. I was so pleased to hear that he is this year’s award recipient. Jose Luis, job well done!” – Beacon Media News CEO Jesse Dillon.

Correa’s peers also admire his strong work ethic and team player mentality as he was selected as the honoree by receiving the most votes among the Beacon Media News staff.

Jose Luis began his career in sales in 1993 as a rep for a Spanish radio station called KSPE La Musical. “That was one of my favorite jobs … I landed my first big client, Miller Beer, when I was working there.” After being with the station for 6 years, Correa went to help the family business Pasteleria Miriam’s in Pasadena. In 2006 Jose Luis rekindled his passion for sales and accepted a job with Pasadena Star News. In 2012, Correa went on to work with Pasadena Weekly, and in 2015 joined Beacon Media News.

Jose Luis likens being a part of Beacon Media News to being in a family, and not the unrealistic “Leave It To Beaver” kind either. “I really like being a part of this team [Beacon Media News]. Working at Beacon Media is like being in a dysfunctional family, we all have our problems, our ups and downs, but at the end of the day we all get along and we get the job done.”

Correa’s co-workers also appreciate being on the same team.

“I’ve known Jose Luis Correa for many many years, long before we were lucky enough to have him on our sales team. That man is ‘Mr. Personality.’ I don’t think there’s a single event I’ve attended where Jose Luis wasn’t there. He loves company and good food; loves to make new friends and contacts and best of all is extremely well-liked in the communities we serve. It is also said that Mr. Personality is quite the connoisseur of the amber nectar of the gods. As we say in England, he’s a jolly good bloke.” – Beacon Media News Editor and Photographer Terry Miller of 17 years.

Outside of being an All-Star Employee, Jose Luis also is a loving son, boyfriend and dad. Correa gives all thanks to his parents for always setting good examples. “My father taught me to always give it my all … ‘whether you are scrubbing dishes or mopping, you should always do your best and you will get noticed.’

As the employee of the year, a custom plaque will be made in honor of Jose Luis’s achievement and displayed in the company’s front office for the duration of one year. In addition, the honoree received a full day off with pay, $200 in gift cards, media exposure across multiple digital and print platforms, and an Employee of the Year Certificate. “I look forward to spending my day off with my son Sam, 25, and longtime girlfriend Gale,” said Jose Luis.

Although Correa has other interests in the working field, he plans on remaining in sales until he retires as he likes everything that comes with it, including the people. “If I did anything else I would go back to bartending, because it’s like sales … to be a sales person you have to like people, if you don’t like people don’t do it … and I like people.” Jose Luis would like to retire in about 10 years if possible, and until then he will continue to do what he does best, being a person who makes people smile and helping advertisers increase their sales.